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Homesforkatrina.org DOES NOT currently have access to evacuees at the shelters.

Homesforkatrina.org IS (and has been from their launch) collecting this data and working day and night to find a reputable organization to take on this effort and ensure the safety and privacy of evacuees and those offering to help. Before we will share the data we have collected we will ensure the following:
  • The organization we are sharing your data with is reputable. This means that they are either a major relief organization, approved by a major relief organization or have been screened and approved by Homesforkatrina.org as a valid and trustworthy civic or religious organization.
  • The organization has agreed to serve as the broker between those in need and those offering their homes and will ensure that background checks are completed on both parties.
  • Ideally, this organization would also put the two parties in contact with local organizations in their area that are offering help once the person is placed.
If you want to list your housing with a website similar to ours that have call centers and volunteers in contact with evacuees, then you can go to one of the following at your own risk. Please note: the following sites are NOT affiliated with homesforkatrina.org, we cannot vouch for their reputation and to our knowledge they are not working with or approved by a reputable relief organization.
Operation: Share your Home - This group will perform background checks during placement on those being placed
KatrinaHousing.org - They currently DO NOT perform background checks during placement
HurricaneHousing.org - We DO NOT KNOW their process.

For those individuals offering a home that don't want to take the risk of listing with one of the other websites, please enter your listing with us by clicking on "Offer a home". We do ask that you please be patient as we continue to find the right reputable organization(s) to take on this effort.

For members who have already registered their profile with us, you have two options -
   - you may opt to go to one of the above sites to post your offer at your own risk and delete your offering from our site by going here
   - You may opt to be patient and supportive of us while we continue to find the right reputable organization(s) to take on this effort